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About us + online manuals; step by step Create A New Game for web and mobile

About us  

SVENSKA MEMO is a production company that works with various specializations in
design, graphic design and publishing, analog and digital. The company started
with design games as board games as early as 1995 and continued in 2002 under the
name Svenska Memo AB. Svenska Memo has subsequently developed various design
products, participated in a number of art projects, exhibitions, photo assignments,
film projects, etc. and provided image and text "reportage" to monthly and daily
newspapers, including Gods&Gårdar, Elle Interiör, Sköna Hem, Femina, Kloka Hem,
SvD, DN, local newspapers, industry magazines, etc.

CURRENT PROJECT The game can be found online under its own address
The "development"of the game is ongoing during 2023, edition 1, opens for public viewing
during August/September 2023.

TEAM Svenska Memo / in collaboration with
We Know it a student-based consulting company, (students at various Universities such as
Chalmers, Lunds Universitet and others)
Project manager Cornelia Holm, Designer Katarina Kaluzny,
Developer Joel Bergstrand
Artistic director CEO and Founder Fredrika Berghult, Svenska Memo

Online manuals many times the answers are found within the manuals "under construction"

Our editorial staff

Send your email and a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible if you have questions about the project, a specific support question during the test period of until 30/9. The support page within will then contain a chatbot. We will respond within 24 hours, also look at the manuals that we have posted on this page, "how works, how all parts work, step by step" Many times the answers are found within the manuals.

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